Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

The Voice of the Devil - You are a true Metalhead?

Good morning Metalheads, how do you realize that your life is actually the true Heavy Metal? (Beware the contribution may include signs of satire, sensitive readers and fans of  true metal bands, should now take a deep breath and then just read. Stay strong)

10. In the morning not you get up from your bed,  you rise from your field camp
9. Your alarm clock don´t ring, it plays Hells Bells
If you drink coffee then black, but rather the blood of  your enemies, their ancestors, their children, their grandchildren, and if necessary their pets7. You are so true that even your wallpaper is vinyl, of course, in a limited edition
6. You have not showered for months, because showering is not Heavy Metal
5. On the way to work you a little bit above the Citylimit, you humming Breaking the Law. Optionally Wheels of fire ...
4. Your lunch is composed of a cold can of ravioli and a six-pack of beer
3. You have T-shirts older than your mother's friend, even the moths are high when they come out of the closet
2. You don´t know who is currently President, but you can list all the bands of the past 30 years that had a article at the  Hard Rock Magazine.1. The surest sign is that you know both names of Lemmy, and also the name of his neighbors dog.

Have a nice day and stay strong
Best wishes from the blasphemous snout of metal

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