Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

The Voice of the Devil - The Daily Metal Blog

Good morning Metalheads, the blasphemous snout of metal or why the truth must hurt! Come get out of your feel-good corner and get into the full life of heavy metal.
All promotion things that I worked on yesterday, will be old stuff today. Time is running faster and has changed within the last 10 years. For Example, before we had Facebook we had to do the advertising for concerts in magazines, with flyers, posters and with the help of the fans, especially for small underground bands that was important. Today, these bands have even Facebook, the cure when it comes to promotion- but that´s wrong my friends of harder music. Facebook is a good thing if you want to announce something, but it can be over with this social network quickly, for example please see MySpace. So what? Then you have to start with all the work again or you soon will be forgotten. The best way ist still the promotion by fans and personal contacts, it is not enough posting your flyer at facebook or doing an event and then you are wondering why 5 People attend to your concerts and not the 50 who commited to be there. Also it´s not enough to send a flyer to an online magazine hoping that they do something. If you want to reach something, you have to send out a few facts about your band. Now I hear the bands say "A small band will have no time or it´s a lot of work for nothing". But these are excuses, if you want the people to hear you, you have to be loud, much louder than the other ones. Every band has got fans, so you need the help of your loyal fans, be proud of them and let them be a part of your band. It never hurts to get a helping hand. Work with other bands - battle cry should read "If you doing advertising for my gig, I´ll do the same for you" (probably. Not exactly on the same day). Every day our magazine has got some hints for bands, without this advice of other musicians we will never reach the underground bands. So work together and be a strong brotherhood of metal. Because In Metal we are United @

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